Live Webcast Liveblog

The webcast has begun.

11:08 PST They are taking about evolution of the web. (The video stream doesn’t seem to be working.)

11:13 PST They are taking about what made google successful and how to apply that to Chrome:

They want the “browser to stay out of the way”

Under the hood:
“more choices for users but avoids headaches for developers”

Webkit (chosen for speed)

11:17 PST
Multi-process architecture:
“fundamental underlying advantages of Chrome”

New Javascript engine called V8:

11:20 PST PC only at first 43 languages in 122 countries:

11:21 PST Open Soure Project Chromium under BSD License

User Interface

“window manager for webpages and apps.”

Unfortunately the video stream is not working for me so I cannot see the demo…

11:30 PST The search box and the address bar are combined into one.

11:33 PST Incognito Mode: keeps porn off your site.

11:35 PST The downloads interface is simplified.

11:36 PST They have removed much of the user interface when you’re using web based applications. “they (webapps) want to break free of the window”

11:36 PST Create application shortcuts. Creates an app on your desktop and removes the much of the UI.

11:40 PST Multi Process Browser Architecture… When one of the websites/tabs you’re on crashes it doesn’t crash the whole browser… Also allows much better performance.

Security: rendering webpages doesn’t require very many permissions. The rendering engine has virtually no permissions… IE the sandbox

Read Write Web has coverage of this as well.

11:42 PST It has a ‘task manager’ to see what processes are using which resources not unlike your OS does.

11:44 PST Now showing what happens on a stuck tab/process… Guy kills it using a task manager.

11:46 PST Raw performance. Webkit rendering engine demo of speed.

Loading pages in IE (slow)

Loading pages in Chrome is way faster

11:47 PST Javascript Engine:

“we like fast performance”
“we want to do more”

They wrote a javascript engine from the ground up.

*we lost our connection here.

Check Techcrunch et al for some analysis.