Category: security

  • New address spoofing flaw smudges Google’s Chrome

    Google’s Chrome browser has been marred by yet another vulnerability, this one allowing attackers to impersonate websites of groups like the Better Business Bureau, PayPal or, well, Google. Researcher Liu Die Yu of the TopsecTianRongXin research lab in Beijing says the spoofing vulnerability is the result of faulty code inserted by programmers from the Mountain…

  • Did Google reverse-engineer Windows?

    Peter Bright writes: Since its release a few weeks ago, curious developers have been sniffing through the source code for Google’s new Chrome web browser. Chrome’s source is interesting for a variety of reasons: there’s the new V8 JavaScript virtual machine with its boasts of near-native code performance, the WebKit rendering engine that does all…

  • Google Chrome Security Flaw

    “Just hours after the release of Google Chrome, researcher Aviv Raff discovered that he could combine two vulnerabilities โ€” a flaw in Apple Safari (WebKit) and a Java bug discussed at this yearโ€™s Black Hat conference โ€” to trick users into launching executables direct from the new browser.” continue reading at ZDNET