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  • Why One Person Switched to Google Chrome

    Stephen Shankland writes: Sorry if it sounds like I’m drinking the Google Kool-Aid here, but I switched from Mozilla Firefox to Google Chrome as my default browser for the very reason Google’s executives said we should: speed. (Get Google Chrome from Years ago, Firefox won me over chiefly with plug-ins, tabbed browsing, and some […]

  • Demo Girl Reviews Chrome

    Click Here To Watch Better Quality 5m42s Molly McDonald writes: “Chrome is a Web browser that was launched by Google earlier today. I’ve spent all afternoon testing it out and learning about all of the features, only to stumble upon something new just when I think I’ve got it all down. I tried to keep […]

  • Ars Technica Reviews Google Chrome Browser

    “Google launched its first foray into the browser wars today with the official release of Chrome, a new open source web browser that aims to push forward Internet innovation and elevate user expectations. Although Chrome is still a bit light on features, it is surprisingly polished and has an assortment of highly promising capabilities that […]