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  • Beta and Plugin Improvements in Google Chrome

    From the Official Google Chrome Blog Anantanarayanan Iyengar writes: After the beta launch in early September, from the first wave of feedback, we realized that a large number of users were facing plugin compatibility issues in Google Chrome. These included Adobe Flash videos not playing, as well as various browser performance issues with Adobe Flash […]

  • Google Chrome Update 1.1 Released

    CNET: Through a new developer program, Google is letting people try the latest versions of its Chrome Web browser, and the first update is available. Those who want the newest Chrome versions can install the Google Chrome Channel Chooser software from Google’s Chrome Dev Channel site. The switcher lets people choose whether they want the […]

  • Google patches critical Chrome code flaw

    The first security patch for Google’s new Chrome browser is out, fixing at least two “critical” vulnerabilities that put Windows users at risk of code execution attacks. Google Chrome version was released on 5 September 2008, and all users are being automatically updated. Automatic updates are a key security feature in helping to ensure […]