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  • Chrome Attracts Nearly Two Million U.S. Visitors During First Week

    New York, NY – Sept. 17, 2008- Nielsen Online, a service of the Nielsen Company, today reported that between Sept. 1 and Sept. 7, 2008, more than 1.9 million unique visitors in the U.S., 73 percent of them male, visited the “Thank You” page associated with Google Chrome, Google’s new Web browser. Nearly 1.4 percent…

  • CNN Reviews Google Chrome


  • Ars Technica Reviews Google Chrome Browser

    “Google launched its first foray into the browser wars today with the official release of Chrome, a new open source web browser that aims to push forward Internet innovation and elevate user expectations. Although Chrome is still a bit light on features, it is surprisingly polished and has an assortment of highly promising capabilities that…

  • Firefox counters Google’s browser speed test

    “Mozilla fought back on Wednesday with some performance results to show a forthcoming version of Firefox outpacing Google’s new Web browser, Chrome.” CNET

  • The Inside Story Behind Chrome

    Chrome development team from left, Mark Larson, Brian Rakowski, Darin Fisher, and Ben Goodger Photo by Joe Pugliese Steven Levy of Wired has an excellent article that outlines the back story behind the Chrome browser. Check it out here.

  • Live Webcast

    Google is hosting a webcast press briefing and demo — announcing the launch of Google Chrome, a new open source browser intended to create a better web experience for users around the world. Google Chrome is launching in beta version in more than 40 languages. We will be hosting a press briefing today at 11:00…